Dual / Hybrid: Heat Pump, Air Handler, Furnace

This central air solution emerged from the desire to heat and cool one’s home using electricity, much like the Traditional Heat Pump, Air Handler system. However, when the weather gets very cold—the system is equipped with a fuel source furnace (usually gas in our area) to generate the needed heating boost to keep your home warm.

It’s called a dual-fuel hybrid system because it combines the best of the Traditional Heat Pump, Air Handler with a furnace.


  • Most of the time, this system uses electricity much like the traditional Heat Pump, Air Handler system. When the weather gets very cold the Furnace will be called upon to deliver added heating capability.
  • Depending on utility costs, one can control which energy source makes economic sense by adjusting the settings to take advantage of lower fuel costs, or conversely, lower electric costs for heating.


  • None really, except that because of the hybrid, dual fuel nature of the system, it adds some up-front costs to the investment you are making by virtue of the dual heating capabilities (i.e. two furnaces: electric and fuel-source)